Pure Power! Lifetime Filters are Competition Proven™ by being in the winner’s circle of every major racing venue on land, sea and air! Our cleanable, reusable filters have been used to set and maintain world records in NASCAR, NHRA, ADRL, IHRA, SCCA, APBA, POPRA, SCTA, SCORE, AMA and more. Racing legends such as "Big Daddy" Don Garlits and many others depend on our filters on the street and on the track. With Pure Power! you get better filtration, improved oil flow and cooler operating temperatures to keep your race engine running smoothly.

Pure Power! is the most award winning cleanable filter in the world, winning multiple SEMA and International Awards for design, innovation and performance. Multiple U.S. Utility Patents have been issued to Pure Power! for Spin-on, Drop-in Cartridge and Remote designs covering more than 30,000 applications for all types of engines and equipment. Independent SAE Lab tests performed at Southwest Research Institute, show that Pure Power! Lifetime Filters perform better than conventional oil filters in improved debris removal, flow rate and burst rate. Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filter is the only cleanable oil filter to pass stringent SAE laboratory testing required by the FAA.

Don’t forget, Pure Power! Filters are perfect for your tow vehicle, pit support vehicles, motorhomes and generators too. GM, Ford, Navistar, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mercedes…you name it! These cleanable and reusable filters are direct OE replacements for foreign and domestic, gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, hybrid or any alternative type engines. Our Patented Unique UniMount® fully self-contained Remote Filters are available for universal needs.

Each filter is made right here in the USA by American craftsmen. Make the switch and see for yourself! Check out what our Racers say about Pure Power! Filters in our Rides section.

Did You Know?

The EPA Estimates as many as 700 million oil filters are disposed of annually accounting for almost 2 billion pounds of highly toxic used oil and solids reaching undocumented disposal sites, landfills, lakes, rivers and oceans, each year in the USA. Used engine oil can be highly toxic and carcinogenic, often containing cobalt, lead, antimony, nickel even uranium and other toxic combustion by-products. Most states are now implementing new laws to dispose of used oil filters.

Filter Features

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  1. CNC machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, housing
  2. Oversized inlet kidneys to maximize flow
  3. Aerospace "J" cut threads to prevent wear
  4. Starting thread to prevent cross threading
  5. Highest grade Mil-spec Viton® O-Rings
  6. T304 stainless steel filter media. Nominal rating <1 micron
  7. Stainless steel inner and outer support cage
  8. Rare earth (neodymium) magnets to remove ferrous metal
  9. Extreme high temperature NASA ceramic investment to secure element
  10. U.S. Utility Patent #7,413,089

4 Reasons to Switch

Competition Proven Horsepower

Dyno tests routinely show that our lifetime oil filters provide more torque and rear wheel horsepower than conventional disposable racing filters, by freeing up power that is lost to parasitic drag inside the engine.

Cooler Engine Temperatures

Pure Power! Racing Filters feature increased oil flow and CNC machined housing of 6061 T6 billet aluminum to act as a heat sink to keep your engine running cool.

Excellent Diagnostic Tool

Extreme high performance Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filters help you detect failing engine parts before they cause severe and costly damage. Pure Power! Lifetime Racing Filters make it easy to inspect engine conditions right in the pits!

Longer Engine Life

Pure Power! extreme high performance Racing Filters, provide improved filtration, increased oil flow and cooler temperatures, keeping the engine cleaner and eliminating some of the main causes of engine wear.

Get Your Filter Now

Start saving money, your engine, and the environment!

Satisfied Customers

Dan Stevenson of Bolingbrook, IL, is the President and CEO of Stevenson Sales & Service, a crane and heavy equipment supplier. Dan races in ADRL Extreme Pro Stock and Pro Nitrous. “Changing to Pure Power definitely made a difference. More miles per hour means more high gear horsepower. All I did was change to Pure Power oil and filters”.

Ron Miller, Lebanon, OH, is a Master Engine Builder and longtime racing veteran who runs ADRL Extreme Pro Stock. Ron Miller Racing uses and recommends Pure Power lubes and filters to all of his customers. "After a long seriously competitive season is over and we tear down the engine, it looks like the engine has been stored in the garage. There is no better protection than Pure Power oil and filters. It is cheap insurance".

Hillbank Motor Sports is a premier retailer of American Muscle performance parts and accessories. They also have the largest selection of MKIII's, Cobras, Daytona Coupes, and GT40's on the West Coast. The Hillbank Crew collectively have over 40 years of racing and auto performance experience. Their showroom in Irvine, CA is open on Saturdays. http://www.hillbankmotorsports.com

Scott Kelley, NHRA All Motor National Record Holder, has been affiliated with TRD & Scion Racing. Scott said, "Thanks for the best oil on the planet! It allowed me to set world records and win the championship."

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