Pure Power! has been competitive for decades in all forms of off-road competitions, not just desert racing. From swamp buggy mud drags, Bonneville, dune buggies and sand drags to challenging rock crawling, even monster trucks (Bigfoot 1999-2010) and tractor pulls. But what has often been described as the most grueling race in the world, The Baja 1,000, is where man and equipment are tested to their limits. Baja racing is so extreme, not only the dust and heat, but in the length and the very brutal nature of the course. These elements are often used as a proving ground for developing and testing the endurance of new vehicle products.

Pure Power! Lifetime Filters and Lubricants are Baja Competition Proven™ by being in the winner’s circle of all major Baja race classes including the demanding Trophy Truck Classes. Pure Power! has even been the Official Licensed Motor Oil and Filters for SCORE. Our cleanable, reusable filters are being used by the major “rock stars” of Baja and short course racing. These Off-road racing legends depend on our oil, fuel and transmission filters available at Kartek and Rancho Drivetrain. With Pure Power! you get better filtration, improved oil flow and cooler operating temperatures to keep your race engine running smoothly.

Don’t forget, Pure Power! Filters are perfect for your tow vehicles, motorhomes, pit support vehicles, ATVs, and generators too. GM, Ford, Navistar, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mercedes…you name it! These cleanable and reusable filters are direct OE replacements for foreign and domestic, gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, hybrid or any alternative type engines. Our Patented Unique UniMount® fully self-contained Remote Filters are available for universal needs.

Pure Power! is the most award winning cleanable filter in the world, winning multiple SEMA and International Awards for design, innovation and performance. Multiple U.S. Utility Patents have been issued to Pure Power! for Spin-on, Drop-in Cartridge and Remote designs covering more than 30,000 applications for all types of engines and equipment. Independent SAE Lab tests performed at Southwest Research Institute, show that Pure Power! Lifetime Filters perform better than conventional oil filters in improved debris removal, flow rate and burst rate. Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filter is the only cleanable oil filter to pass stringent SAE laboratory testing required by the FAA. Each filter is made right here in the USA by American craftsmen. Make the switch and see for yourself! Check out what our Racers say about Pure Power! Filters in our rides section.

Did You Know?

The EPA Estimates as many as 700 million oil filters are disposed of annually accounting for almost 2 billion pounds of highly toxic used oil and solids reaching undocumented disposal sites, landfills, lakes, rivers and oceans, each year in the USA. Used engine oil can be highly toxic and carcinogenic, often containing cobalt, lead, antimony, nickel even uranium and other toxic combustion by-products. Most states are now implementing new laws to dispose of used oil filters.

Filter Features

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  1. CNC machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, housing
  2. Oversized inlet kidneys to maximize flow
  3. Aerospace "J" cut threads to prevent wear
  4. Starting thread to prevent cross threading
  5. Highest grade Mil-spec Viton® O-Rings
  6. T304 stainless steel filter media. Nominal rating <1 micron
  7. Stainless steel inner and outer support cage
  8. Rare earth (neodymium) magnets to remove ferrous metal
  9. Extreme high temperature NASA ceramic investment to secure element
  10. U.S. Utility Patent #7,413,089

4 Reasons to Switch

Improve Fuel Mileage and lower emissions

Help preserve our natural resources by reducing the use of fossil fuels. By using Pure Power! Lifetime Filters, your oil will stay cleaner longer; you'll get better fuel economy and reduce toxic emissions.

Reduce Toxic Disposal

Reduce toxic storage and disposal of used oil and used oil filters when you use Pure Power! Lifetime Filters. You can also help to reduce oil consumption and our dependence on foreign oil!

Reduce Down Time and Repair Costs

Our reusable oil filters provide superior filtration which keeps the oil cleaner and stronger, longer. Cleaner, stronger oil will allow extended oil change intervals and help to lower other auto repair maintenance costs. Our cleanable fuel filters keep injectors cleaner and will keep your engine running great!

Improve Engine Life

Cooler operating temperatures are one of the many benefits of our filters. Heat is one of the most damaging causes of engine wear, which can result in increased emissions. Protect your engine and the environment with Pure Power! Lifetime Filters.

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Start saving money, your engine, and the environment!

Satisfied Customers

The Factory Racing Team races in the Score International - Class 7 unlimited Mini or mid-size truck class. The Team consists of the Chamlee family headed by Daniel & Laurie. They race in the Baja 1000, the Laughlin Desert Challenge, the Baja 500, San Felipe and the Las Vegas Cup among others. They are Seven-time SCORE Class 7 Points Champion.

Corey Keysar of Colorado Springs, CO, worked his way through the unlimited class competition throughout the 2012 desert racing season and earned the Best In The Desert unlimited class buggy victory at Parker. The Jimco Champion Car of Keysar Racing features a 414 Small Block Chevy tricked out by Jim Horne and Kevin Singleton, the legendary engine building team at Exotic Engine Development in Reno, NV. Recently Keysar Racing took 2nd Place in Class and 7th Place overall at the Mint 400. #keysarracing #1520

Ralph Schorbach of California says, "I have used Pure Power! products for over 10 years on my early Ford Bronco and attribute the longevity of my Bronco to these products. The filters collect debris better than any products I have seen, and best of all they are reusable."

Victory Off-Road Racing is a Christian team which has an experienced crew consisting of Tim Scott, Jim Ansite, David Potts, and Bob Hill. They race in MORE 1450 & Class 10. Tim Scott said, "We use all PP filters on our race car. They have helped us win races. Our competition has had problems with plugged fuel injectors and just this last race they had a rock hit one of their filters and it put a hole in it blowing up their expensive motor."

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