FTC Consumer Alert

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a Consumer alert stating that consumers can have their vehicles worked on wherever they choose or they can maintain their vehicles themselves without voiding their warranty.

This is in response to a statement issued in August 2010 by Honda which implied that the use of parts other than genuine Honda Parts would violate their new car warranty.

The FTC states that independent mechanics, retail chain shops or even you yourself can do routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is a United States Federal Law and is enforced by the FTC, makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer did the work or that aftermarket (non-O.E.M.) parts were used.

To view the Consumer Alert from the FTC website click: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt192.shtm
To view more information on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act click: http://www.semasan.com/main/main.aspx?id=60128

Will this filter void my warranty?

The FTC recently issued a consumer alert stating that work performed by other than the dealer or parts used other than O.E.M. parts does not void the warranty. For more information click the above links.

Does Pure Power! make an oil filter to fit my vehicle?

Pure Power! Lifetime Filters manufactures more direct O.E.M. filter replacements than any other manufacture of cleanable filters. More than 30,000 applications covering all types of engines: gasoline, diesel and all alternative fuels for use on Domestic and Foreign Autos, Pickups, Heavy Duty Trucks, Racing, Buses, Off-road, RVs, Motorcycles, Generators, ATVs, Snowmobiles, PWC, Pleasure Boats, Industrial, Military, Mining Equipment, even Aircraft. Pure Power! Lifetime Filters come in all types of Fluid Filters: Spin-on, Drop-in Cartridge, Inline and Remotes for Oil, Fuel, external Transmissions, Hydraulic, etc.

How do you clean this filter?

Hot soapy water is adequate. A CLEAN aqueous parts tank can be used but not if other parts have been cleaned previously. Harsh chemicals such as Brake Kleen or Carb Clean can be used also as there are no cheap metals that will corrode or plastics or composite materials that will deteriorate. Flush the element from the inside out. (For more info go to Cleaning Instructions.)

How often do I clean this filter?

Recommended first cleaning at 500 -1,000 miles. If there is a lot of debris, clean it again within the next 1,000 miles. Once the engine is clean, 3-4 times a year should be sufficient for normal operating conditions. Always inspect and clean your filter (including magnets) at every oil change interval. This filter traps particles that are too small to see without magnification, which is why it needs to be cleaned regardless of whether it "looks clean".

Important Note: This is a CLEANABLE filter and MUST be THROUGHLY CLEANED periodically. Even if you do not see any debris, clean the filter at least every 3,000 miles.

What is the micron rating?

Absolute: 22 microns, Nominal: 1 micron
(For more information micron size). Pure Power! Lifetime Filters use a dual layer of very fine stainless steel fabric to filter all motor oil running through the engine every pass. This type of filtering is called “Absolute filtration” and is used in military and commercial aviation to filter engine oil. All "throw-away" filters use a composite of paper, fiber or cellulose and this type of filtering is called “nominal extraction”. The fluid (oil, fuel, etc) does not go THROUGH this type of media, it goes across the surface of the paper, not through it. (For more info read Filtration 101)

How does it perform compared to a “throw-away” filter?

The independent lab tests performed at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) are official SAE and ASTM Tests. http://www.swri.edu/3PUBS/BROCHURE/D08/OILFILT/oilfilt.HTM In the tests conducted at SwRI, all debris 22 micron and larger was stopped first pass with smaller debris also being trapped. Tests revealed that debris smaller than 1 micron was stopped first pass. Conventional oil filters after multi-passes remove only random debris. (For more information see Testing)

Does this filter increase the oil flow?

Yes, two to three times. The internal engine parasitic drag is reduced with our filter. Energy that had been wasted by the oil pump forcing oil through the bypass system is now free. Increased oil flow allows the engine to run cooler. Reducing heat in the engine is known to reduce engine wear, maintenance and repairs.

Example: Fram PH 8A, WIX 51515, K&N HP2001 according to the literature provided by their web sites state 7-9 gallons per minute. Our equivalent Spin on Replacement (Part # 8433) was tested at SwRI showing 30 gallons flow per minute.

How does this filter increase horsepower?

When the parasitic drag is reduced, the energy can then be delivered to the flywheel and rear wheels. The tests showing increased horsepower, as seen in Bike Works (Mar '07 issue) and Street Chopper (Feb '07 issue) were performed at different facilities by the editors of the magazines. The test methods, results and comments were strictly theirs. Although they are consistent with what we have found in lab testing and articles in Hot Rod and performance magazines as well as customer feed back. (For more information see Testing).

How does this filter increase fuel economy?

Again, reducing the parasitic drag inside the engine allows the engine to perform more efficiently with less energy. Since the engine has more “pep” you will be tempted to use the increased horsepower. If you do not waste this energy, and drive the same as before, you should realize better fuel mileage.

How does this filter extend oil change intervals?

The oil is now being filtered more effectively and kept cleaner longer. Providing you use an API licensed motor oil with a complete additive package, the oil should remain cleaner longer without removing working ingredients from the additive package.

How does this filter reduce emissions?

HC (Hydrocarbons), CO (Carbon monoxide) and NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) are three of the combustion products in a vehicle’s exhaust which contribute to air pollution. These gases and others are measured through the tailpipe and give important diagnostic details as to the engine’s efficiency. Vehicles with our filter installed have shown significant reduction in the HC, CO and NOx readings when tested with 5-Bag Analyzer Tests conducted by individual customers, government and commercial fleets.

Does this filter have an anti-drain back valve?

Our filter doesn't require an anti-drain back because it is an “Absolute” Full Flow Filter. It does not require captive pressure to maintain an open bypass to allow oil to re-enter the engine. There is no anti-drain back flap in our Filter. Anti-drain flaps are meant to keep oil in the can to lubricate the engine on startup; however, the flap distorts allowing contaminated oil to drain back into the engine. Oil completely drains out of the canister on inverted mounted filters. Some filters are mounted horizontally and the canister drains to the center line whether it is a Pure Power! Filter or an OEM filter.

Does this filter have a ByPass Valve (Emergency Relief Valve)?

The Pure Power! Bypass setting is 16 psi Absolute pressure in the canister. This means the element would have to be almost completely clogged with debris. Conventional "throw away" oil filters are usually set between 5-9 psi. The oil pressure from the oil pump trying to push the oil through the small openings and AGAINST the paper filter media in the OEM oil filter opens the conventional filter bypass right after starting the engine. This is also true of any filter for autos, motorcycles, boats etc. The Pure Power! By Pass doesn't open until the Stainless Steel Filter Media has become so clogged with debris that oil can't go through the filter media. The purpose of the bypass is to allow enough lubrication to the engine in case of emergency (i.e. engine failure). Our Bypass is made of 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and has a million cycle stainless steel spring and stainless steel check ball. There is nothing to corrode or break. All sealing surfaces are a very high grade military spec Viton O-ring.

What kind of oil should I use?

The Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filter doesn't care what oil is running through it. Since Pure Power! is also a licensed API Lubricant Blender, we prefer to use only API licensed CG-4, CH-4 SJ, CI-4 SL, CI-4+ SL/SJ, CJ-4 SL/SM. These are non-synthetic motor oils which have most complete (strongest) anti-wear additive packages available and deliver superior performance. (See Motor Oil 101)

Do I need any special tools to install this filter?

No special tools are needed. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY. When you feel the filter start to snug, turn only 3/4 to one full turn. THAT’S IT!!! Over tightening can flatten the O-rings and compromise the sealing ability resulting in leakage.

Where has this filter been used?

Pure Power! is proud to be and O.E.M. supplier to NAVISTAR Big Bore MaxxForce 15 Engines.

Pure Power! Filters have been in the Winner's Circle in every major Racing venue on land, sea and air including NASCAR, NHRA (Pro Stock, car and motorcycle), IHRA, ADRL, ABPA, etc. “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, 17 times World Champion Drag Racer uses and recommends our products as well as other world champion race teams and legendary record holders. BIGFOOT MONSTER 4 x 4 TRUCKS have used Pure Power! Lifetime Filters on all of their competition Monster Trucks and Haulers for over 12 years. Pure Power! Lifetime Filters have been awarded First Runner-up for Best New Product at SEMA 2005. Pure Power! Lifetime Filters have won major National and International Awards for design, innovation and performance.

Pure Power! is the ONLY cleanable filter to pass three years of strenuous testing by F.A.A. and holds an STC for Continental, Rotax and Lycoming engines.

Pure Power! Filters have been used in commercial and government fleets for millions of trouble free miles. Specifically chosen by the top award winning fleets of North America such as Culver City which is Ranked:

  • No. 3 Best 100 Best Fleet in North America 2012
  • No. 5 Best 100 Best Fleet in North America 2011
  • No. 7 Best 100 Best Fleet in North America 2010
  • No. 5 Best 100 Best Fleet in North America 2009
  • No. 1 Government Green Fleet in 2009
  • and DTSC State Certified Green Model Shop

Cities from Maine to California, Washington to Florida are finding that going green improves their bottom line without sacrificing performance.

Why do you call this a lifetime filter?

Pure Power! Lifetime Filters have been used in commercial and government fleets for years including City Buses, Police Motorcycles, Patrol Cars and Fire and Emergency Equipment. More than 12,000,000 trouble free miles have been logged on a fleet with the same filters. Most city fleets change out their vehicles on 4 year intervals. The Pure Power! Filters are taken off of the old vehicle and installed on the new vehicle at each change out period. Sometimes the same Pure Power! Filter can be used on a different Brand such as Crown Victorias and Dodge Chargers. The City of Westminster, CA has used Pure Power! Lifetime Filters on Crown Victorias for 4 years, then another fleet of Crown Victorias for 4 years and then changed to Dodge Chargers and have been used for over 3 1/2 years – that is more than 11-1/2 years on the same Pure Power! Lifetime Filters using the same Viton O-Rings. These filters will soon go on the FOURTH fleet. If a customer changes vehicles and the o-ring and canister dimensions are the same but the thread is different, we will change out the insert thread bushing at no charge so that the customer can use his Pure Power! Filter on his new vehicle.

Where has this filter been tested?

We do our testing at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) which is the premier testing laboratory for automotive products and is used by O.E.M.s and the U.S. Govt. http://www.swri.org/3PUBS/BROCHURE/D08/OILFILT/oilfilt.HTM
Certified ASTM and SAE Tests at SwRI:
SAE HS806 Flow Test: Increased Oil Flow 2-3 x
SAE HS806 Ch 9C Burst Test: exceeded 1,000 psi with no distortion or failure.
SAE J1858 Particle Removal Test: One pass ABSOLUTE filtration drastically improved particle removal over conventional filters, stopping most debris on the FIRST pass.

The ONLY cleanable oil filter to pass stringent F.A.A. testing and receive an STC for Lycoming, Continental and Rotax aircraft engines. In addition, our Filters have been tested and articles written about them in some of these magazines: Hot Rod, Diesel World, 4-Lug, Street Chopper, Bike Works, Vette, Street Rodder and many others. (For more information see Testing)

Where are Pure Power! Lifetime Filters made?

We proudly manufacture Pure Power! Lifetime Filters in our own facility in Huntington Beach, California using American Craftsmanship and Certified Materials. We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified business which assures our customers of the best materials, workmanship and performance with each and every filter.

What kind of material is it made of?

We have spared no expense. We do not cut corners on material or workmanship. Certified American 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, CNC Machined Housing and Emergency Relief Valve with Million Cycle S/S Spring and Ball, 100% Full Flow THROUGH Stainless Steel, dual woven T304 filter media every pass, highest grade Mil-Spec Viton O-rings, Rare Earth (Neodymium) Magnets, aerospace extreme high temperature, ceramic investment to secure element, Aerospace “J” cut threads and starting thread to prevent cross threading.

Did Pure Power invent stainless steel filtration?

Stainless steel filtration has been used in industrial applications including all types of engines, hydraulics, water, fuel, oil and commercial and military jet aircraft for decades. Since 1995, Pure Power! has been a leader in pioneering Lifetime cleanable stainless steel filtration for many military, commercial and racing applications.

Are replacement parts available?

Although we use the highest Mil Spec Viton O-rings and they have been used for more than 12,000,000 on commercial fleets, spare O-ring kits are available. It is nice to know that you have it handy in case you accidentally lose one while cleaning. Spare filter elements are available too. Many fleet, as well as some long distance travelers, like to carry a spare so that they can just exchange it out if necessary and clean the dirty element when it is more convenient.

Will this filter fit my next vehicle’s engine?

Quite often it will. It depends on the type of vehicle exchange. If the dimensions for the canister, adapter, O-rings etc. fit but the threaded bushing is the only difference, we will switch out the insert bushing at no charge. Call us and we can discuss if it is a match.

Are Pure Power! Filters patented?

Pure Power! has been awarded multiple U.S. Utility Patents with more pending. It is easy to get a design patent. That is just what the item “looks” like. A design patent cannot have anything to do with the way it functions. We love to look good but we are passionate about performance and longevity. That is why our patents are strictly Utility patents.

How are Pure Power! Lifetime Filters GREEN?

Sustainability! This filter is built to be serviceable for many years, never throw it away; reduce fuel consumption; reduce number of oil changes per year and oil purchases; reduce used oil disposal and charges; reduce toxic disposal of used oil filters; reduce storage and disposal costs of used filters; reduce emissions; reduce repairs and maintenance, reduce down time; reduce toxic pollution of our landfills, lakes and rivers.

And now, a couple of questions for you.

What's in it for you?

You can see an immediate gain in oil pressure, cooler operating temperature, increased horsepower, improved fuel mileage (unless you play with the increased horsepower), extended oil drain interval (cleaner oil) and lower emissions. Never buy another filter, no toxic disposal, no disposal charges, no special tools needed, direct O.E.M. replacement, easy monitoring engine condition and easy to clean. Amortized over a short period of time your investment is paid back.


Did you know?

There is a Major oil spill in this country every year, equal to FOUR Exxon Valdez oil spills... 11 ounces at a time. The EPA Estimates as many as 700 million filters are disposed of annually accounting for almost 2 Billion pounds of highly toxic used oil and solids reaching undocumented disposal sites, landfills, lakes, rivers and oceans, each year in the United States. Used Engine Oil can be highly toxic and carcinogenic. It often contains Cobalt, Lead, and Antimony, Nickel even Uranium and other toxic combustion by-products. Most states are now implementing new laws to dispose of used oil filters.

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