The transmission of your vehicle plays a major role in its performance, and it is of vital importance that you do everything within your power to ensure that the transmission is functioning at its optimal capacity. Of course, the prospect of having to endure costly transmission repairs should be enough to guarantee that you pay close attention to the function of your transmission, but it is still the case that many vehicle owners overlook the importance of using the proper transmission fluid and changing it regularly.

Transmission fluid essentially serves three purposes:

  1. It functions as the hydraulic element of the transmission
  2. It keeps the system lubricated and clean
  3. It cools the transmission

Each of these purposes is extremely important to the function of your transmission, which should only serve to underscore the value of consistently monitoring the levels of your fluids, changing them when necessary and using only the highest-quality fluids.

Avoiding Transmission Repairs

Transmission repairs are the bane of any vehicle owner’s existence, as they are known to be quite costly. It is therefore very valuable to properly maintain your vehicle by using the proper fluid and changing it on a regular basis. It is often the case that heat causes the fluid to break down, which results in greater friction, more debris, and inefficient transmission function. It is therefore possible that proper maintenance and the use of the ideal fluid can help you keep your transmission running smoothly for many years. For more information about transmission fluid, call Pure Power at (714) 894-2994 today.

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