Whether you are looking to keep your car or boat in top shape, it is important not to forget to lubricate your gears regularly. Gear lubricant has many important and lasting benefits when used regularly.

Extended Life

Lubricated gears will last significantly longer than gears that have gone dry. Dry gears rub against one another, creating friction that can cause damage or wear. Damaged gears may also have a negative effect on other components within an engine, making it especially important to keep them running smoothly.

Shock Resistance

Lubricant creates a thin layer between the gears in a machine. This layer can be important when a machine experiences regular shock. A bumpy ride on a dirt road can considerably jar an engine, and may cause damage if that engine isn’t properly lubricated. Even a single unexpected pothole can result in costly repairs. Lubricant helps absorb and distribute the energy caused by these shocks.

Thermal Stability

Working in extreme temperatures presents many challenges. Lubricants are formulated to withstand temperature extremes and can keep your machine running smoothly in extremely cold or extremely hot weather.

A properly lubricated engine can withstand greater extremes of temperature, greater impacts, and last longer than an engine that has been neglected. Lubricant is an important consideration for anyone looking to keep their engine running smoothly for as long as possible. For more information about gear lubricant, call Pure Power at (714) 894-2994 today.

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