Unlike traditional oil filters, which are made from paper and must be replaced on a regular basis, cleanable oil filters are made from a thin but sturdy metal mesh. They can be cleaned over and over again and should never need to be replaced.

Fast, Reliable Flow

One advantage of cleanable filters is that the folds of metal mesh through which oil must travel do not get clogged as easily as paper. The result is a faster flow of oil through the filter and can be important for engine performance, particularly in cold weather or at high speeds. Fewer clogs also mean your oil stays cleaner longer.

Easy to Clean

Although many engine enthusiasts have developed their own preferred methods, all that anyone really needs to clean a cleanable filter is soap and water. Simply remove the filter and clean away any excess dirt or oil as you would clean a dirty dish. Cleanable filters are constructed of strong material that will not dent or break easily when handled.

Cleanable filters are popular among consumers interested in being green, but it is important to understand that they have other benefits beyond being environmentally friendly. Cleanable metal oil filters are reliable and easy-to-maintain additions to a vehicle and are trusted by a variety of automotive professionals, including racing mechanics and military personnel. For more information about cleanable filters, call Pure Power at (714) 894-2994 today.

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