Pure Power! Lifetime Filters are cleanable, reusable and built to outlast your engine. Made of CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum and stainless steel, they are engineered to not only be sustainable, but also deliver additional performance. Some of the top award winning Green Fleets in government and the private sector choose Pure Power! Filters to reduce operating costs and meet government environmental compliance regulations. Fleets and industrial plants find that our filters help them reduce fuel and oil costs, lower emissions and reach their Zero Waste goals.

Pure Power! is the most award winning cleanable filter in the world, winning multiple SEMA and International Awards for design, innovation and performance. Multiple U.S. Utility Patents have been issued to Pure Power! for Spin-on, Drop-in Cartridge and Remote designs covering more than 30,000 applications for all types of engines and equipment.

Independent SAE Lab tests performed at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, show that Pure Power! Lifetime Filters perform better than conventional oil or fuel filters. Our American-made filters keep vehicles out of the repair garage and in service longer. Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filter is the only cleanable oil filter to pass stringent SAE laboratory testing required by the FAA.

Pure Power! Oil Filters beat conventional oil filters in the lab and on the road! Your fleet and equipment will run smoother and your bottom line will improve. You can not only save money with our filters, your engines will also get maximum protection and increased performance. See what some of our satisfied fleet managers are saying about Pure Power! Lifetime Filters. Make the switch and see for yourself!

Did You Know?

The EPA Estimates as many as 700 million oil filters are disposed of annually accounting for almost 2 billion pounds of highly toxic used oil and solids reaching undocumented disposal sites, landfills, lakes, rivers and oceans, each year in the USA. Used engine oil can be highly toxic and carcinogenic, often containing cobalt, lead, antimony, nickel even uranium and other toxic combustion by-products. Most states are now implementing new laws to dispose of used oil filters.

Filter Features

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  1. CNC machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, housing
  2. Oversized inlet kidneys to maximize flow
  3. Aerospace "J" cut threads to prevent wear
  4. Starting thread to prevent cross threading
  5. Highest grade Mil-spec Viton® O-Rings
  6. T304 stainless steel filter media. Nominal rating <1 micron
  7. Stainless steel inner and outer support cage
  8. Rare earth (neodymium) magnets to remove ferrous metal
  9. Extreme high temperature NASA ceramic investment to secure element
  10. U.S. Utility Patent #7,413,089

4 Reasons to Switch

Save on Fuel Costs and Reach ROI Quickly

With our lifetime fleet filters, you will see a reduction in costs through: improved fuel economy; extended oil change intervals; reduced filter inventory; less downtime, reduced labor costs; increased engine longevity; and avoid the hassles and expense of storing and disposing used oil filters and used oil. Download our ROI Worksheet and discover for yourself how quickly Pure Power! Filters pay for themselves.

Fleet Experience

Used and endorsed by the top award winning Best Green Fleets of North America as well as major commercial and government fleets for millions of trouble free miles.

All Makes and Models Covered

Navistar, Cummins, Peterbilt, GM, Ford, Volvo, Mercedes…you name it! These cleanable and reusable filters are direct OE replacements for foreign and domestic, gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, hybrid or any alternative type engines. Our Patented Unique UniMount® (fully self-contained) Remote Filters are available for universal needs. An optional petcock is available for easy draining.

Environmentally Friendly

Pure Power! Filters help fleet and plant managers meet strict environmental compliance regulations as well as their own Zero Waste goals. Reduced fuel and oil use, reduced emissions and reduced toxic disposal all add up to a cleaner environment for all of us. Help reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on foreign oil by using Pure Power! Lifetime Filters.

Get Your Filter Now

Start saving money, your engine, and the environment!

Satisfied Customers

Paul Condran, Equipment Maintenance Manager for Culver City, CA said, "Pure Power! Filters are providing us with an excellent way to clean the oil, especially in our expensive heavy and medium duty natural gas engines (buses, refuse trucks, etc.), and completely save all waste from having to ever replace the filters. We simply clean the stainless steel element in our aqueous cleaners and reinstall. There is no filter to replace, ever. I can also retain them as I replace vehicles!! They are an excellent approach to the maintenance of our fleet."

Mother’s Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners have a long history with Pure Power! Jim Holloway, VP of Mothers said, "We depend on Pure Power! Lifetime Filters, Motor Oil and Lubes on and off the track. They are one of the first things we add to all of our project cars and daily drivers."

This CAT 980H is working every day in the Port of Long Beach under the most demanding conditions using Pure Power! Oil and Fuel Filters. This 31 foot long Caterpillar Wheel Loader has an 11.5 foot wide scoop capable of moving 10 cubic yards of coal per scoop.

Kevin Beach, Fleet Manager for the City of Westminster, CA., says his City has used Pure Power! Filters for over 12 years and more than 11,000,000 trouble free miles. "The filters are easy to clean and allow convenient monitoring of the engine conditions which reduces our repairs, inventory and downtime and keeps us on budget."

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