Pure Power!® Transmission Filters are available as direct Spin-on factory replacement, or should a remote location be necessary or desired for ease of access, use our unique UniMount™ Remote Transmission Filters. Both are designed to deliver the maximum flow of completely filtered fluid.

The mounting bracket is engineered as an integral part of the UniMount™ Remote Filter, eliminating 90 degree turns made in other remote filters and includes a pressure port and Pipe Thread Inlet and Outlet openings. Both Pure Power!® direct Spin-on and UniMountTM Remote Filters are available in various sizes for use with oil, fuel, transmissions, hydraulics and much more. Presently being used for filtering engine oil on municipal refuse trucks, all types of auto racing, yachts, work boats and off-shore racing boats, heavy duty hydraulic systems, mining, industrial and oil field equipment, transmissions on street pickups, vans and city buses. It is so reliable that most Baja Off-road Champion’s use the Pure Power!® UniMountTM Remote Filters for their engines and transmissions. Will NOT void manufacturer’s warranty. Amortized over a short period, it pays for itself. With minimum care it will last longer than your equipment. Protected by U.S. Utility Patent #7,597,202 and #8,439,204. Proudly Made in the USA. Pure Power! is a certified ISO 9001:2008 Company

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