With minimal care, this filter is built to outlast your engine and may even fit your next vehicle. Independent Lab tests show that our car and truck lifetime oil and fuel filters are superior to conventional throw-away filters in improved debris removal, increased oil flow, cooler operating temperatures, and longer oil change intervals. Whether you are cruising in your Hot Rod, driving to work in your Prius or pulling your boat to the lake in your diesel pickup, you'll get better performance and save money with Pure Power! cleanable, reusable filters. The Pure Power! Lifetime Oil Filter is the only cleanable oil filter to pass stringent SAE laboratory testing required by the FAA.

Pure Power! has been issued multiple U.S. Utility Patents (more pending) for Spin-on, Drop-in Cartridge and Remote designs covering more than 30,000 applications for almost all types of engines and equipment. Pure Power manufactures cleanable, reusable filters for all foreign and domestic, gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, hybrid, propane, CNG and other alternative type engines.

Pure Power! is the most award winning cleanable filter in the world, winning multiple SEMA and International awards for design, innovation and performance. Used and endorsed by the top award winning Best Green Fleets of North America as well as major commercial and government fleets for millions of trouble free miles. They are also used by famous racing legends to achieve and maintain world records in most every racing venue on land, sea and air.

With Pure Power! you'll immediately start noticing the difference on the road, as well as in your wallet. Check out what our customers say about Pure Power! Filters in our testimonials.

Did You Know?

The EPA Estimates as many as 700 million oil filters are disposed of annually accounting for almost 2 billion pounds of highly toxic used oil and solids reaching undocumented disposal sites, landfills, lakes, rivers and oceans, each year in the USA. Used engine oil can be highly toxic and carcinogenic, often containing cobalt, lead, antimony, nickel even uranium and other toxic combustion by-products. Most states are now implementing new laws to dispose of used oil filters.

Filter Features

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  1. CNC machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, housing
  2. Oversized inlet kidneys to maximize flow
  3. Aerospace "J" cut threads to prevent wear
  4. Starting thread to prevent cross threading
  5. Highest grade Mil-spec Viton® O-Rings
  6. T304 stainless steel filter media. Nominal rating <1 micron
  7. Stainless steel inner and outer support cage
  8. Rare earth (neodymium) magnets to remove ferrous metal
  9. Extreme high temperature NASA ceramic investment to secure element
  10. U.S. Utility Patent #7,413,089

4 Reasons to Switch

Save Money on Gas and Repairs

Pure Power! Lifetime Oil and Fuel Filters can improve gas mileage and decrease the wear and tear on your engine. Because our filters do a better job of keeping your oil clean, you can extend the time between oil changes with oil analysis.

Works on All Major Brands

GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW… You name it! These automotive cleanable and reusable oil and fuel filters are direct OE replacements for foreign and domestic, gasoline, diesel, propane, CNG, hybrid or any alternative type engines.

Great for the Environment

Fewer oil changes, better fuel mileage, lower emissions and reduced toxic disposal means a cleaner environment for all and it is a great way to conserve our natural resources.

Made in America

When you buy an American-made Pure Power! Lifetime Filter, you’re keeping jobs here in the USA.

Get Your Filter Now

Start saving money, your engine, and the environment!

Satisfied Customers

Bryan Avender of Sun City, AZ says, "I can't say enough about the product. I have added oil, fuel and tran filters (8 filters) to all my cars. I even bought one for my Dad. Money well spent. Thank you!"

Phil Jelinek of Anaheim, CA says, "I have used Pure Power products (oil and filters) for the past 15 years and both have given great service. The Pure Power filters are eco-friendly, easy to clean, and Pure Power oil keeps my engines from wearing. I have put over 160,000 miles in 6 years, on my Prius before giving the car to my son and its engine does not use any oil between the 14,000 mile oil changes Pure Power oil allows."

"Boydster II", Owner John Huston Sr., of Trenton OH Built By Boyd Coddington; Paint by Boitnott Customs in Fairfield OH This '32 Hot Rod runs a Pure Power! Lifetime Filter and was featured in the 2009 and 2011 SEMA Shows in Las Vegas.

Carmen F., Long Beach, CA said, "I'm fussy about my cars and I wouldn't use any other filter but Pure Power!"

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