Since 1995, PurePower! Incorporated has been a leader in pioneering Lifetime Filters, and has received multiple U.S. Utility Patents for advanced technologies. From its facility in Huntington Beach, California, PurePower! manufactures more than 30,000 applications of cleanable, re-usable, oil, fuel, transmission, hydraulic and cooling system lifetime filters which are direct OEM replacements for Spin-on, Drop-in Cartridge, and Inline systems. PurePower's Remote system is manufactured in numerous configurations for a wide array of uses.

PurePower! Incorporated, a privately held ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, has grown and prospered since its inception and now produces more Lifetime Filters than any other manufacturer. The company's long-term success is the result of its strict focus on the basics – quality of material and workmanship; performance for street, fleet and track; and its vast knowledge of engines and working conditions.

PurePower! is the most award winning Lifetime Filter in the world, winning multiple National and International Awards for design, innovation and performance. Used and endorsed by the top award winning, Best Green Fleets of North America as well as major commercial and government fleets for millions of trouble free miles.

PurePower! brings its passion for speed and performance to the Racing World with its Lifetime Filters and Extreme High Performance Motor Oils, Lubricants and Greases which are used by famous Racing Legends to achieve and maintain World Records in most every major racing event on land, sea and air.

PurePower! has always been ardent about engine performance, but regards its top responsibility to build sustainable products to enable the world to preserve its resources and the environment. Both Green and Performance are achieved by reducing toxic disposal while increasing engine performance and longevity. Pure Power! has spent decades providing education to consumers and products that conserve fuel, extend oil drain intervals and lower emissions.


Mission Statement

Pure Power’s mission is to improve the Environment through consumer education and to manufacture sustainable products that reduce toxic waste and ensure the conservation of our natural resources.

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